Repairs for cracked teeth

Cracked teeth are a bit like cracked bones – except that cracked teeth do not repair themselves and need to be treated by a dentist.

Cracked teeth are frequently painful. The crack exposes the inside of the tooth, and flexing of the tooth opens the crack and causes fluid to move within the tooth’s nerve, causing pain. Cracked teeth should be treated as soon as possible, to prevent the crack from growing and to prevent tooth decay.

Cracked teeth can be caused by chewing hard objects or hard foods, clenching the teeth, grinding the teeth at night, an accident, or sports injuries. Some people are more susceptible to cracked teeth – particularly people who grind their teeth at night or who have a lot of fillings.

At our Albany Creek dental practice, we repair small cracks with fillings. Larger cracks may need to be repaired by a crown, or by removal of the tooth and replacement with an artificial tooth.