Dentures are essentially “false” teeth, often made of materials like porcelain, acrylic, or cast metal.  They fit into the space where teeth have been lost.  Before deciding on the right solution for you, your dentist at Albany Place Dental Practice will evaluate your current dental needs.  Depending on each situation, the denture may need to be relined three to four months after the extraction.

To make dentures, your dentist will create impressions and moulds of your teeth and jaw, which are then sent away to a specialist laboratory technician.  Your dentist can help you to decide on which tooth shape, size and colour fits your mouth and suit you best.  Once the dentures are sent back to your dentist, you’ll be contacted for an initial fitting and any necessary adjustments to ensure the dentures are as comfortable as possible.  You may be required to return for subsequent appointments to address any soreness and make further adjustments.

Advantages of Dentures

The advantages of wearing dentures include:

  • The process can be quick and simple.
  • Same day dentures are usually recommended.
  • More cost-effective than dental implants.
  • Recommended for patients with weak or unsuitable gums or jaws.
  • Provides support to your facial muscles, so that your teeth maintain a natural look.