Preventive Care / Check-ups

What is Preventative Dental Care?

At Albany Creek Dental Practice we believe in and practice proactive preventative dental care.  This means that most of the treatments that we do, are done in order to prevent dentistry disorders and hence prevent dentistry treatment.  Preventative dental care is  thus about keeping your teeth and gums healthy so as to avoid cavities, enamel wear and gum disease.

Both dentists and their patients have responsibilities as regards preventative dental care.

How our Dentists Practice Preventative Care

Regular Check-Ups

We encourage patients to visit us for regular check-ups as part of our preventive care program, usually 6 monthly.  At your regular check-up, we will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth for general health and any symptoms of disease. We may recommend that an x-ray is taken to help us to check for dental problems that are not visible.

Regular check-ups will ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy and clean.  Check-ups also ensure that any dental problems are uncovered early – when treatment is usually straightforward and relatively low in cost.  For example we may discover a small tooth cavity which will then be treated with a small dental filling, thus preventing tooth decay, tooth pain, possibly gum disease and the need for a larger dental filling or even the loss of a tooth.

Regular Hygiene Treatment / Dental Clean

A dental clean will remove the build up of plague and calculus and also brighten your smile by removing any surface stains on your teeth.


At Albany Place Dental Practice our dentists believe that one of their most important roles is to help their patients avoid dentistry treatment by educating their patients about effective oral care.  They also advise on the importance of protecting their teeth during sport and to avoid practices that could damage your teeth such as using teeth to open or tear items.

Our dentists also educate patients in terms of the correct methods of brushing teeth, the type of tooth brush that should be used as well as how to floss your teeth and the best dental floss for teeth, bridges and large and small gaps in your teeth and also to not forget to gently brush your tongue and regularly replace your toothbrush…

We also encourage patients to a look after their teeth every day – through regular tooth brushing, flossing, and a good diet.

Practice Preventative Dental Care By Patients

A regular teeth cleaning routine is essential for healthy teeth and gums and should be done twice a day.  A good oral health routine includes the correct brushing of your teeth, your tongue and also using the correct dental floss for your teeth.

A good diet will assist in good oral health.  A good diet means avoiding lots of sugary soft drinks, sweets and lollies, sticky foods like dried fruit, and highly acidic foods  such as lemons, pickles and coffee.

For those patients who engage in sport that could result in damage, chipping, broken or knocked out teeth a mouth-guard is advised.

Dental Health Care Plans

You may be interested to know that most dental health care plans completely cover the cost of one or more preventative check-ups at your local dentist.  If you have private health care cover including dental it may be worth your while to see if this applies to you and each of your family members.

Albany Place Dental Practice

Please contact us (3264 2650) to make an appointment with one of our expert Albany Creek dentists – and please do remember good preventive care can help to ensure that your teeth last a lifetime.

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