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Orthodontic Treatment
at Albany Place Dental Practice

Adult woman wearing bracesIf you have crowded, crooked or protruding teeth that aren’t aligned, you’ve probably considered how you’d look if your smile were straightened. At Albany Place Dental Practice, we offer orthodontics that can prevent or treat facial and dental irregularities.

Why Aren’t My Teeth Perfectly Straight?

A misaligned smile can be inherited or caused by oral disease, trauma, thumb sucking or losing teeth. You’ve probably experienced that your teeth are harder to clean, or you may have a speech impairment from their incorrect position. Orthodontics can help address both issues, as well as the aesthetic considerations.

Who Can Have Orthodontic Treatment?

Commonly, children receive orthodontics as issues are easier to correct early in life. At any age, however, you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Braces are the most common option, which involves small brackets attached to each tooth. Wires then join the brackets together, gradually shifting teeth into the proper position.

Braces require adjusting between every 4-6 weeks, with the total treatment time usually taking 1-2 years. Once complete, you’ll wear a retainer at night to ensure your teeth stay in place.

Want to Learn More?

Our team works with several different orthodontists who can provide the results you’re hoping for. Contact us today to learn more!


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